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Wiz Khalifa- In My Car (The Puff Bus)

wiz khalifa back in pittsburgh


Snoop Dogg – New Year’s Eve f. Marty James


New Music: Lil Wayne-30 Minutes to New Orleans


Walmart Denies banning Kanye West’s DTF album cover

It seems as if the entire story was not told, or maybe even the truth was not told in regards to Kanye West’s “controversial” album cover and Wal-Mart banning it. See what Wal-Mart has to say about it after the jump.

Here is the official statement from Wal-Mart:

“We’re excited about Kanye West’s new album and we look forward to carrying it in our stores on November 22nd,” a Walmart spokesperson says in a statement provided to EW. “As always, it’s our standard practice to carry the edited parental advisory version. We did not reject the cover artwork and it was never presented to us to view.”

Is he trying to stir up controversy since the release date is the same date as Nicki Minaj and Lloyd Banks?


Former B2K member Raz B speaks out about B2K break up & much more

Raz-B finally spoke with Hip Hop Weekly’s Contributor Lathleen to answer all the questions that you want to hear. Why did B2K break up? How were you sexual abused and by who? When was the last time you spoke to Omarian? Plus more, his new album, which hits stores on 10/26, his 5-year-old son and his engagement to his finance. Raz-B held absolutely no bars, he is telling the truth, the WHOLE truth, let’s see if you can handle it.

“Shame the Devil and Tell the Truth”


The only thing that interests this former B2K member at this point is telling the truth. “Only the truth shall set you free,” he says. De’Mario Monte Thornton better known, as Raz-B of teen heartthrob group B2K isn’t perfect, he’ll admit it. With a troubled past, an unusual childhood and rumors swirling, he is not afraid to risk his public image to get a long kept message across to the world.  Having been mislead by past mentors (Chris Stokes) and feeling forced to sexual interact with him along with other label-mates (Marques Houston), Thornton says “I’m not gay at all,” he continues “I don’t want anyone to feel sympathy for me, I just want some clarity so I can move on with my life.” Now engaged with a five-year-old son Thornton firmly speaks to me when talking about him, “it’s a whole different energy.”  The truth and the message is what Thornton refuses to let haunt him. Phoning into Hip Hop Weekly he speaks on every last misconception the public may have, he starts from the very beginning:

Why did B2K Break Up? Continue reading

Handless Model Poses Topless to Bring Awareness to Disability

She may have a disability but she looks stunting. Her name is Tanya Kiewitz a 35-year-old graphic designer who suffers from having her left arm end a little below her elbow. In an effort to bring awareness to all people with a disability she posed TOPLESS! Take a look.

This was to change the way people view handicap people. When you see this ad, is it possible to just stare at her in the eyes? Well that’s what she is requesting. The ad is saying “look at me in the eyes..I said the eyes” very powerful!



Nelly Finally breaks silence on not being on BET’s Top MCs List


After being snubbed on BET’s Top Ten Rapper’s of The 21st Century list, Nelly is breaking his silence on how he feels.

Whew, Omarion Owes the IRS over 110K


According to public records, the man Raz B loves to hate owes $110,585 in federal taxes to the IRS.

Here’s the breakdown of ‘ol boy’s tax problem: The IRS filed a $35,210 lien against Omarion on May 18 with the Orange County (Calif.) Recorder of Deeds. The IRS filed a $25,660 lien Oct. 29, 2009, in Orange County. The IRS filed a $49,715 lien Aug. 6, 2009, with the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds. He owes income taxes from 2003, 2005 and 2006, according to the lien.

Sidenote: The Tax Man must love poor people because he’s creating so many of them. That is all.