Jay z’s Holy Rap Battle- Good Vs Evil

Hip Hop veteran rapper MC Hammer did not take Jay Z’s recent verse on Kanye West’s track So Appalled  (http://www.mediafire.com/?khmolzxjnzi) lightly. //” And Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused/ I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30/ Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can’t hurt me.”//

Whew; Once Hammer got wind of being mocked, Hammer hit up his Twitter to vent his anger at the self-proclaimed “God MC”, whose alleged ties to the world of the occult, and in particular the illuminati, have been a subject on the minds of many fans and bloggers for the past few years, says Hip Hop Weekly.

In an Interview done with Hammer after being insulted in the verse by Jay Z, Hammer voices his opinion of his counterpart, and offers words of wisdom: 

HHW: What got you on the defensive with Jay z?

He’s always been on my radar for a few reasons, the main reason being that he spends a lot of time taking shots at the foundations of my faith. Ive always taken it personally like any man, whether he’s a Muslim or a Buddhist, or any religion you might be, when you’re listening to music, and out of nowehere there is a consistent attack on your foundation. But i never was one who takes the offensive position and allow the public to perceive that I’m attaching somebody. So to hear these records for the past years where this man continuously takes sots at my faith, all I could do was grit my teeth and pray. I didn’t want to be perceived as a “hater”, so I played my position. The toughest thing to do is to take on somebody’s hero, and have them believe that it’s from anything other than in position of fairness and truth.

Why are you referring to him as “Hellboy”

I refer to him as Hellboy because of a verse on a new song that’s out right now,where he says, //”Had the girl speaking in tongues/she like young you hung/ what you done done/ stop it fore you wake up my mom I might uunhh.”// Now keep in mind, in my faith, speaking in tongues is a very precious gift. There are many people who’ll read this, whose mothers, grandmothers and fathers have all dedicated their lives to beings members of the church and believe wholeheartdly in speaking in tongues. Hellboy draws the analogy that “speaking in tongues is the same as him getting head from a woman. These are things that I don’t take lightly, so ‘why do I call him Hellboy?- his words ensnare him.

Any last words?

What part of the game is it to flash yo $300 million on the man who opned up the door for you to play to audiences now, and yo audience is over 85% White American. Te audience that you gettin that money from is that audience that I introduced you to. Now you wanna come and slap me in the head wit’cha bankroll. Okay, that’s a violation of the streets. That’s a violation on any level. I open up for you to go get $300 million,when you toldme itwas the “wrong door, it’s a sell out door. Don’t do that, Now all yo audience, everywhere we go to see you is 85% white.

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