Former B2K member Raz B speaks out about B2K break up & much more

Raz-B finally spoke with Hip Hop Weekly’s Contributor Lathleen to answer all the questions that you want to hear. Why did B2K break up? How were you sexual abused and by who? When was the last time you spoke to Omarian? Plus more, his new album, which hits stores on 10/26, his 5-year-old son and his engagement to his finance. Raz-B held absolutely no bars, he is telling the truth, the WHOLE truth, let’s see if you can handle it.

“Shame the Devil and Tell the Truth”


The only thing that interests this former B2K member at this point is telling the truth. “Only the truth shall set you free,” he says. De’Mario Monte Thornton better known, as Raz-B of teen heartthrob group B2K isn’t perfect, he’ll admit it. With a troubled past, an unusual childhood and rumors swirling, he is not afraid to risk his public image to get a long kept message across to the world.  Having been mislead by past mentors (Chris Stokes) and feeling forced to sexual interact with him along with other label-mates (Marques Houston), Thornton says “I’m not gay at all,” he continues “I don’t want anyone to feel sympathy for me, I just want some clarity so I can move on with my life.” Now engaged with a five-year-old son Thornton firmly speaks to me when talking about him, “it’s a whole different energy.”  The truth and the message is what Thornton refuses to let haunt him. Phoning into Hip Hop Weekly he speaks on every last misconception the public may have, he starts from the very beginning:

Why did B2K Break Up?

What I remember from B2K — the foundation was built on a lot of lies, and a lot of intimidation, manipulation and a lot of bad motives and intentions but not from us because we were young children, we were pure we were innocent, and the bible talks about children a lot about being pure and people misleading children, and when you’re young and you have a dream it’s very easy to get caught up by someone that you look up to as a father figure, so what we felt — there was a lot of division amongst the group because there would be different side relationships going on and division ultimately broke the group up.

But we really got close on our last tour, when we were on the bus and Omarian leaned over and said “I know that’s your cousin but I think that nigga be stealing money from us,” (referring to Chris Stokes) and he’s admitted this to us before.  So when that broke, that was a bonding moment for us — cause it was mutual.

We always knew Omarian would go solo, it was never no jealousy, I know Fizz got a solo deal first, and then Chris started to bring the division to the group. There’s more that I really can’t talk about, but I’m going to save it for my book.

What have you been up to since the split?

Well for the last five years, it’s been a spiritual journey for me to find myself. When I say “I am B2K”, I’m just giving glory to God and I’m always creating and writing a story and the story that I’m trying to write is the truth.  You can’t let these devils run around forever.

When was the last time you spoke to Omarian?

He called me from Paris and he was asking me about a movie we worked on for three years called Hype Nation. He was like “Yo man, don’t you know I’m my own man, and I make my own decisions.” I was like I’ve already been down this road. You are a product of what you hang around, a lot of people don’t know that Omarian, Marques Houston and Chris Stokes have a company right now that Marques and  Omarian signed too.

Are you guys still cool?

I don’t have any beef with Omarian – but, when are you going to open up your eyes, and make the decisions that you know a lot about and the things you denied when you spoke on me and said I’m lying, I’m not lying when I tell you Marques Houston had sexual intercourse(s) with me, I’m not lying when I had sexual intercourse with Chris Stokes, I’m not lying about that and there’s a lot of details about that, that I can tell you in my book. I didn’t want anything to happen to anybody, I was in fear for my life, I wasn’t trying to damage anybody’s career However when everybody wants to make a fool of me and say that I’m lying, they’re not looking out for me, everyone’s turned their back on me,shame the devil and tell the truth.

Get ready for my book , I’m writing my bible before I leave this earth.

Why did it take you so long to tell the truth?

It’s an on going process, I have a father and my father knows that everything that I’m telling is the honest to god truth. Imma’ leave it at that. Every father out there knows that — if your child was mislead you already know what time it is. People have to understand I’ve had compassion this whole time. This group was put together around me, my cousin put this group together around me before Omari was even in this group, but people get caught up in money and forget what the purpose was for. I’m a God-fearing man, people want to run off but you have to pay homage to the truth and pay homage to God.

Who are you referring to that’s lying that needs to say the truth?

Omarian ismael Grandberry — he lied about me in a press release and said that I was lying. He knows what happened to me at that house.

Marques Houston — Honest to God he knows, if he wants to live with that, and take it to his grave, that’s fine. But guess what I’m telling the truth.

Chris Stokes has been messing with little boys for a long time.

Why is Omarian more successful than the other three of you guys? Why is he the only one that we hear about and see amongst you four?

There are many definitions of success — I feel like I’m more successful in my life than I’ve ever been cause I’m telling the truth. I’m not caught up on record sales. He (omarian) was at Sony, he got dropped, he was signed to Timbaland –I’m in the room with Polo Da Don, he’s  on the phone trying to find out how serious this is — we find out he’s not even signed to Timbaland, — then he goes and does a deal with Lil Wayne that doesn’t even work out. Baby and Slim use to call my phone all the time, I have pictures with Baby and Slim. But the thing is Chris wouldn’t let me sign years ago. The world was fooled and didn’t really know what was going on, you look at his next record and tell me the soundscan on that, look at the record with Bow Wow and tell me the soundscan on that. Treat people how you want to be treated, don’t go around and tell people that I have bi-polar cause I don’t.

Do you regret  not signing with young money?

Nah – It wasn’t in Gods will.

What exactly is your message, what is the misconception?

Some people may think it’s a joke, some people may think I’m gay.

Were you forced to have sexual relations with Marques Houston and Chris Stokes?

It was a manipulation, a forceful energy type of power around the house — How it first happened, Chris asked me “can I touch it,” it was me and Marques Houston in the bathroom. Just real stuff like that and it’s really a sad situation and finally when I was old enough to pull away, I sit back like man this shit really did happen to me, how did this happen to me, is what I ask myself. It’s not fair and it’s not right for children to be mislead and abused and my job is to speak for those kids that can’t speak for themselves. However I need to see this the whole way through.

In one of your tweets, you mention that “Omari was the first to be sacrificed” can you speak on that?

On Jesus Christ – on my momma that she died tonight in her sleep –on everything – on my breathe, Omari and Chris stokes and Marques Houston knows what happened behind closed doors and if they want to stay behind close doors and in the dark that’s fine, I’m staying in the light and staying in the truth, they know what happened but I got to save that for my book.

What are you working on now?

I’m really really excited about my project, I made this project because I’m an over comer, I love to make music and obviously as I got older and got wiser and came into my manhood, it was very important to correct the wreckage of my past as a sign out. I’m not the person that’s seeking revenge I’m telling the truth., My album is a fun album, it’s a cool project. Through all the B.S for the last five years I was able to put together a project that was worthy enough for my fans. I had the opportunity to deal directly with the distributers and supporters. I’m not the perfect person, but follow the good in me.

What can you say about the industry?

Well the industry is filled with a lot of evilness and if you look at the message that a lot of different artists are saying — is that it’s a demonic force.

Do you think the Free Mason things are real?

Its definitely real, some of the stuff I experienced with Chris Stokes were all demonic, I know all about it, and I’m not part of it. I know the truth.

Finally words:

Truth is — I walked through some things as I child and I’m not ashamed of it, I’m a real man cause I’m able to confess my sins and forgive the people that did me wrong and I really want to move on with my life. I don’t want people like Omari or Fizz talking about me cause its demonic. Thanks to everybody for reading this, I don’t want to annoy anybody with this but I really want to put this to rest, I have a child now. I want people to go out there and support the record. I love everybody, if you see me on the street come holla at me.

Thornton’s brother Ricky Romance couldn’t help but speak on his brother and back up some of the truths behind the message. “Omari, Marques Houston and Chris Stokes are all good dudes, we were all close but I guess it’s money that doesn’t allow these guys to sit down and clear these issues up and we don’t have to go public, I’m going to continue to support my brother – all praises to God and God bless you.”

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