Hip Hop & Video Vixens “This Thing of ours”

The days of being a dope MC or the best DJ, the best breakdancer or the flyest B-Girl were the ways you were welcomed into the world of hip hop but not anymore. We got some new jobs!!!!

Today’s hip hop game is quite different than it used to be. We have reality shows that have turned models, porn stars and even some straight up hoes into celebrities because of their affiliation, association or body dimensions. The video vixen game, at one time, seem to be a legitimate entry into hip hop videos, modeling and movies with the likes of Melyssa Ford, Buffie the Body and Esther Baxter, to name a few. Then “SuperHead” Karrine Steffans did a tell all book about who she sucked and f**** and made millions. Then the levy broke.

Models now want to rap, and that made the porn star think, well if she can, so can I, because urban modelling has been classified as soft porn anyway. Check your local Barnes & Noble. Then came the regular “jumpoff chick” like say, Kat Stacks, who has made a name for herself and a little money before she was detained for deportation.

We went from young beautiful women from all walks of life, sleeping with a middle aged rapper with iconic status to Kim Kardashian becoming a mainstream celebrity with her humble beginnings being a sextape but that’s another story because of the obvious double standard on why she’s accepted and other women with sextapes are looked down on. But as far as Flav goes, every man in America stood in disbelief on how many chicks jumped to be on national tv kissing him and even sleeping with him. Well it kept him out the crack house and back on the stage. And he even got a sitcom and a fried chicken franchise out of the deal. Only in America.

Then we have Amber Rose , video vixen, ex girlfriend of a hip hop genius, a current girlfriend of a new rap youngstar, a model who just lost a modeling contract but gained a new reality show and somehow stays relevant. And when she dies down a little bit, we get nude pics to remind us that she’s still here among us. A fixture on every hip hop website, blog and magazine. And now VH1, who is responsible for most of the reality shows that have infiltrated our beloved culture of hip hop with T&A to the tenth power has another one called Love & Hip Hop. One scorned ex-wife of a superstar producer and a few girlfriends of hip hop’s elite will make great television and great stories. And oh yeah, don’t forget Olivia. We can’t forget her contribution to hip hop. ????

Well with the success of Nicki Minaj, we shall see more female rappers in the next three quarters that will be ex models and porn stars with bigger asses, smaller waists, fuller breasts and maybe some rap skills to join the rap game. Magazines and reality shows will produce more fugazis than Antoine Dobson performing at the BET Hip Hop Awards.

For me, it’s a gift and a curse because as long as you’re interested, I’ll keep reporting but even I hate pre-fabricated news that is so blatant that a 3 yr. old can see that we have created some attention whores and they use us as much as we use them. Oh well!! I hear the echoes of the Madd Rapper in my head, right now, saying, “Tell em, Why you mad, Son!”

So we’re two months into our New Year 2011 and we got some leaked pics of Amber, new reality shows coming from Hoopz, Kat, and all the Flavor Of Love, Real Chance Of Love, I Love New York, Charm School, I Love Money chicks who won and lost on all them shows, taking over the Ustream network and twitter to stay relevant. I would like to say thank you. Really, you make my job so easy. Keep up the “good” work.

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Speculation of Drake leaving Young Money for Roc Nation

Is Canadian rapper Drake too soft for Lil Wayne and the Young Money record label? MediaTakeOut claims that the “Best I Ever Had” rapper is ready to ditch the squad that made him famous to join Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

MediaTakeOut hasn’t had the best track record when it’s come to reporting on Drake’s relationship with Lil Wayne. Just a couple of months ago, the site claimed Lil Wayne punched Drake in the face during a show in Vegas. That rumor turned out to be false, just like this one. A rep for Drake tells RumorFix, “Drake is signed to Aspire / Young Money / Cash Money and has NO plans to leave at this time.”

MediaTakeOut claims: According to a member of YOUNG MONEY, Drake would like to LEAVE the label . . . and join his friend J Cole over at Jay Z’s ROC NATION label. The insider explained, “Drake likes making music with [Lil Wayne] and the rest, but he’s a different dude. There’s a lot of hood [ish] that goes down at Young Money, and Drake’s not a hood [dude], so he wants to be away from that.”MediaTakeOut.com’s insider goes on, “Drake’s mother is also worried . . . She doesn’t want him around gangs or drugs.” And it gets better. MediaTakeOut.com learned that JAY Z is pulling strings – to try and [buy] Drake’s contract from Bryan “Baby” Williams – Cash Money’s CEO. The insider explained, “[Jay] is playing hardball, he wants Drake and he’s not trying to pay too much for him. He’s moving in slowly. Right now he’s working [behind the scenes] on Drake’s tour. Under Drake’s current deal [with Cash Money], Drake owes them records, but not tours.”

Drake proclaimed his loyalty to Young Money and Cash Money on twitter.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Toke Up to Tone Up- The Facts


By Lankford Jackson
Growing up in California in the 1980s, we were active. Video games had yet to complete their assault on kids’ recreation time. Our games comprised any sport that was in season – or you could simply ride your bike all day long. The sport stars and action-movie heroes we idolized all shared intense training rituals: Whether it was Arnold or Bruce Lee or Sylvester Stallone as Rocky, we dreamed of transforming our bodies and achieving some type of epic victory. And when we discovered weed, those dreams didn’t diminish.

Eventually, however, a full-time job, eating out, drinking and a decreased activity level took their toll. For me, my wake-up call came 16 years ago, when I decided to overhaul my life. Now, as a fitness professional, I’ve discovered that cannabis use is not just conducive to exercise – it’s an outstanding “supplement” for adding lean body mass, as well as an excellent means of aiding the body’s overall recovery from a workout. In fact, it’s the best supplement out there!

During my transition, I had the good fortune to pick up a bodybuilding book by Mike Mentzer. His logical approach to training allowed me to gain 40 pounds of muscle in my first year and took my strength to levels that I believe should have taken at least a decade to reach. In fact, with a half-hour of work once or twice a week, you should be able to see great results as well!

To start, let’s take a look at the laws of hypertrophy (muscle gain), since it’s a logical transition from there to all forms of exercise. Hypertrophy can be broken down into three basic laws, which are common to every single exercise endeavor:
1) You must impose a significant enough stress to cause micro-damage (soreness) and nervous-system response in the targeted muscle or muscle group.
2) You must allow the targeted muscle to recover through rest and nutrition.

3) You must allow the muscle to overcompensateand add extra lean tissue.

You must also allow the nervous system to recover so that the same workload is easier the next time around. For example, after a workout, your muscles may have recovered their original strength in four days, but it may take another three to six days to allow the body to add extra lean tissue.

This last law is often neglected, usually due to ignorance (or by not following the second law). But neglecting this last law will have you spinning your wheels and cause you to stall at a particular plateau quickly. If you follow these rules, however, you’ll soon realize that the last two address recovery, which encompasses 50 percent of your workout results. (The other 50 percent is the workout itself.) But recovery doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

When muscles grow, it’s the result of recovering from damage – and damaging muscles requires intensity.But the intensity of your next workout, and its effectiveness, are both determined by how well you recovered from your previous workout. For example, if you go running on sore legs, your time will very likely be slower. If you try to bench-press while your arms and chest remain sore from your previous workout, expect to have trouble lifting the same amount of weight. Intensity is proportional to recovery: If you only recover to the point where you can complete your last workload, your recovery period has been insufficient – you need to recover to the point where you can exceed your previous workload. In short, you need to get stronger. And to do this, you must pay strict attention to nutrition and supplementation daily, and allow enough days between workouts for your body to adapt and overcompensate for the workload.

If you want to reduce fat, you need to eat a little less. But if you want to gain muscle, you need to eat a little more. Whatever your goals, fitness experts advise eating every three hours, with a complete protein source in each of these meals. Cannabis will definitely help with the eating. It’s not easy to eat six times a day, but a little toke will increase your appetite (and make that chicken and brown rice taste a helluva a lot better).

There are many supplements that provide an energy source for your workout, while amino acids and creatine are ingested post-workout. But for recovery, you have limited choices. Then again, what other supplement enables you to eat every three hours (no easy task), plus help you sleep well and relieve life’s stresses – and all without causing negative physiological effects like booze does?

You guessed it: good ol’ Cannabis sativa! I’d even go so far as to say that you’re foolish not to incorporate it into your recovery program. Continue reading

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Bob Marley

The following interview originally appeared in the September 1976 issue of HIGH TIMES Magazine


Bob Marley is the fastest-rising, highest-flying star in music today. Like most members of Jamaica’s Rastafarian religion Bob smokes about a pound of marijuana, or “herb,” a week. HIGH TIMES Visited with Bob on his most recent American tour, and we found a lot of things to talk about.

HIGH TIMES: Have you seen HIGH TIMES magazine?

Bob Marley: Hard Times? Ooo-eee! Ooo-eee! HIGH TIMES! Dis supposed to ‘ave de bes’ high in de worl’. HIGH TIMES only de bes’.

HT: Some Thai weed? [Pause] Do you think herb will be legalized?

BM: I don’ know if dis government will, but I know Christ’s government will.

HT: What about the Jamaican government? Mr. Manley, the Prime Minister?

BM: Him? Legalize herb? Boy, I jus’ don’ know. It’s kinda legalized already. Me don’t t’ink is really him, y’know. The realization of de truth. I don’t know if Michael Manley will be de one, or who, but y’know, everyt’ing will reveal right out to de flat truth.

HT: Now when you go back to Jamaica as a big star, are you able to talk to different people and get some things done that you’d like to happen?

BM: Down dere? See, Jamaica jus’ run outa politics today … ya can’t have anything happening. But ya have people who will do t’ings for ya, like ya brethren, y’know. But when ya talk about de people in power, ya haffa be a politics man. Me don’t deal wit’ no politics – me deal wit’ de truth.

HT: Your audience here is mostly white. What do you think about that?

BM: Well, I hear dat we not getting’ through to black people. Well, me tell de R&B guy now, he must play dis record because I wan’ get to de people. We’re not talkin’ about no make me no superstar. Don’ ever make me no star. Me no wan’ be no star. But in de meantime, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess. Dat mean, de guy dat make de record, play for de people. Don’ put me in no bracket, y’know what I mean? So dat is wit’ de D.J. Him mus’ realize dis is reggae music. I mean, it’s music.

HT: Do you consider yourself an outlaw?

BM: Outlaw? No, no outlaw. Right in time.

HT: You talk about dancing a lot in your songs. Do you see dancing as a form of communion with Jah?

BM: When ya dance, ya just are Jah. Ya mus’ dance.

HT: When was the first time you got high on herb?

BM: As a yout’. Was in de Sixties. Continue reading

New app helps Catholics confess on the go….

"Confession: A Roman Catholic App" isn't a joke, creators say, but is designed to aid with the sacrament.

(CNN) — Bless me father for I have sinned. It has been 300 tweets since my last confession.

Whether you’ve been “borrowing” free Wi-Fi or coveting your neighbor’s avatar — or, heaven forbid, something worse — a new mobile app is designed to help you atone for it.

Lame tech jokes aside, the makers of “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” say their software is seriously designed to help believers with the sacrament, and to help those who have left the church take a digital step back home.

Worry not, faithful Catholics: The $1.99 application, for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, is not intended to replace the confessional. Instead, it’s designed to complement the act of confession, offering a “personal examination of conscience” (password-protected, of course) and a step-by-step guide to sin-confessing.

The app provides suggested acts of contrition and the “ability to add sins not listed in standard examination of conscience.”

“Our desire is to invite Catholics to engage in their faith through digital technology,” said Patrick Leinen, co-founder of Little iApps, developer of the Confession app.

And this one’s got the church’s seal of approval.

Little iApps claims “Confession” was created with the help of two Catholic priests. And it has been given the blessing of Bishop Kevin C. Rhodes of the Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend, Indiana — marking the the Catholic church’s first known imprimatur for a mobile app.

“Very cool; very useful,” wrote Thomas Peters of catholicvote.org, an online community for Catholics. Peters praised the app as being “not like those other programs that claim to ‘wash away sin’ and are essentially mockeries of confession, not preparations for the sacrament.”


Legacy: The Mixtape. Harley is Majik


Trey Songz hit with a 19 million dollar law suit

A Washington, D.C. production company has filed an $18 million lawsuit over the rights to the music on the hit song “Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj. Derrick Price, Doc Mob Records and IHip Hop Music filed the lawsuit against Trey Songz, Atlantic Records, Kodak, manager Gee Robertson, producer Kane Beatz and others.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed February 2nd in the Southern District of New York, Doc Mob hired producer Milton James aka “Tony Scales” to produce the original, copyrighted track for “Bottoms Up” for his company, Doc Mob Records. Price and Doc Mob further claim the track was originally produced by James in Price’s home studio.

At some point, James teamed with producer Kane Beatz who added production to the song, which was eventually used by Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj. The lawsuit claims that “Bottoms Up” was contained on Trey Songz’ hit album Passion, Pain and Pleasure but only listed Kane Beatz as producer of the song.

Doc Mob’s Derrick Price alleges that he sent multiple cease-and-desist letters to Atlantic Records and Trey Songz, but they were allegedly ignored by the defendants in the case. Kodak has been dragged into the $18 million dollar lawsuit, for using the song in an advertising campaign featuring Trey Songz.

Dj Funkmaster Flex arrested

DJ Funkmaster Flex was arrested Friday after assaulting his wife at his Westchester home, police said. He attempted to break her cell phone and also threatened her.

A woman who identified herself as Flex’s wife told Greenburgh Town police that she and Flex got into a fight over threatening texts he sent Thursday night, police said.

The fight escalated at the couple’s Ardsley, NY, home, and the hip-hop star pushed the woman to the ground, cops said.

She grabbed her cell phone to call police, but Flex apparently slapped it out of her hands and stomped it, cops said.

He fled the house before police arrived, but officers later found him “a short distance away in his vehicle, a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro,” cops said.

He was arrested on three counts of criminal mischief and harassment, cops said. Flex, born Aston George Taylor Jr., was arraigned in Greenburgh Town Court Friday and released on $500 bail.

He was ordered to stay away from the woman, police said.

“Man I never thought I’d be posting this,” Flex wrote on his blog Friday along with his mug shot.

The New York City native first appeared on “Yo! MTV Raps” in the 1990s and has been a fixture in hip-hop ever since.


Price Tag- Jessie J ft. B.O.B

A message a can fuck with, about time. enjoy =)

PS. Jessie J wrote Party in the USA for Miley Cyrus

Director Says Shes Glad Rihannas video is banned in 11 countries

new “S&M” video dropped Tuesday. In 24 hours it was banned in 11 countries. Find out what the director has to say about her creation and all of the attention that it’s getting.

“When I go out to make something, I kind of go out with the intention to get it banned — [well] not to get it banned, I always want my stuff played — but to make something provocative,” Matsoukas told MTV News. “So when you do something that’s provocative, that’s usually a repercussion. It’s gonna be talked about or banned or slandered in some way. But it’s making an effect and people are having a dialogue about it, so, to me, that’s successful.”

For Matsoukas, it’s the video’s harshest critics who are the most amusing.

“I mean, the song is called ‘S&M’!” she laughed. “So I think that the imagery follows suit with what the song is. I wouldn’t play down the imagery for a song that’s so strong. It makes sense to develop it further and really take it there. So if they don’t want to play it, [fans] can watch it somewhere else.”

One of those places airing the video uncensored is MTV. Matsoukas, who previously directed Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” and “Rockstar 101″ clips and Beyoncé’s “Why Don’t You Love Me,” said it’s the first time MTV hasn’t requested changes to one of her videos.

“I haven’t talked to Rihanna about the controversy,” Matsoukas said. “But she was happy that MTV had no changes, and she was definitely like, ‘See? We made it through!’ Because the whole time we were like, ‘If we use ball gags and we show this, are they gonna play it?’And we just went for it and didn’t care, and people seem to be embracing that.”