Universal Music Vs. Hip Hop Sites and Blogs

Advertising firm GroupM revealed a few weeks ago that it had adopted a new anti-piracy policy. It constructed a list of websites that it deemed to be either in support of piracy, or directly offering illegal downloads. The list of sites eventually got into the hands of the media and there are some bizarre listings on it.

A few weeks ago, leading ad firm GroupM, a part of marketing giant WPP, proudly announced that it had “adopted an aggressive new anti-piracy policy” for its digital media buys. What that meant was that it prohibited vendors that it worked with from putting ads on any of a giant list of sites that it had declared were “pirate sites” — defined as “sites that support piracy or contain any illegally distributed content.” That’s pretty broad. In fact, TorrentFreak got their hands on the list and noted many rather bizarre entries, including the Internet Archive (archive.org) and BitTorrent’s corporate page — neither of which have anything to do with “piracy” at all. There are some other shockers on the list, including the popular web video site/YouTube alternative, Vimeo, which is about as far from a “pirate” site as you can find. Stunningly, there’s also SoundCloud, which has become one of the most popular tools for musicians to promote their own music these days. That’s the site where the Beastie Boys streamed their latest album. A pirate site? Are they crazy? You can see the full list embedded below.

While there are many oddities on the list, we wanted to explore one aspect of the list, which is that it appears to show that Universal Music has decided to declare war on the online hip hop ecosystem that promotes its music in a big way — and some of those sites are hitting back. First of all, it’s worth noting that these blogs and sites are considered instrumental to promotion in the hip hop world, and Universal Music knows that. In talking to some of the folks at sites involved, you learn pretty quickly that they get sent tracks and other promotional info from insiders at Universal Music — including high level execs — all of the time. On top of that, hip hop artists themselves regularly rely on these same sites, and link people to them via their own blogs and twitter feeds. And yet, a whole bunch of these sites are on GroupM’s list… and they got there because Universal Music told GroupM to put those sites on the list:
GroupM’s own content producing clients — such as Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal Music and Summit Entertainment, which produced the popular Twilight series of vampire movies — have shared their own lists of pirate websites to help create a master copy.
While I don’t know which of those companies may be responsible for some of the other headscratchers on the list, the attack on hip hop sites is being pinned squarely on Universal Music by many of the sites involved, and they’re not happy. Among those on the list, for example, is Vibe.com, the online site for Vibe Magazine, founded by Quincy Jones of all people, and still considered one of the key sources for news and information about the hip hop and R&B worlds. And yet it’s on the list as a pirate site? Really?

Back in 2009, Vibe produced a big list of the “50 hottest rap blogs.” This is basically a who’s who list of the top sites in hip hop, and the places that most music producers want to see their music appearing, because it’s how they get attention these days. Yet, if you run down that list, you start to notice a pattern. An awful lot of those sites are on GroupM’s “banned” list. I went through the top 12 sites on that list, and seven of them are “banned” as piracy sites, despite being some of the most popular promotional vehicles for artists and labels alike. Also, a bunch of the top hip hop blogs teamed up a while back to form what was called the New Music Cartel — and every one of those sites is on the “banned” list. Continue reading

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Shawty Lo Officially Signs to G-UNIT

After months of speculation, Shawty Lo reveals that the ink is dry and he’s taking his talents to the house that 50 built.

Reports AllHipHop.com:

“Its like a new beginning and all I needed was someone behind me. 50 [Cent] is a marketing genius and I got my new thing D4L and G-Unit and we going to be working the south and the rest of the world if need be”

Standing by his music for the streets and for albums, Shawty Lo elaborated on some of his favorite songs on the project.

“’Haters’ got 50, Yayo and Roscoe Dash, my single ‘Pocahontas’ has Twista and Wale, ‘I Know’, I got Future on there, the whole mixtape jammin’. If I’m working on a song, it may be on a mixtape, but it could for a album.”

Shawty Lo is currently gearing up for his G-Unit debut and sophomore album currently titled Still Got Units.

Uh Oh Superhead Told a Super Lie

I can believe this but I sort of can’t believe that Karrine Steffans aka “Superhead” had the nerve to pull the publicity stunt craving, thirsty, trick of the decade. Now I aint saying she’s a gold digga but ummm you can come to your own conclusion. After years of highly-sexualized stories of her alleged escapades with top hip hop and rap artists where made popular in her book Confessions of a Video Vixen, author and model Karrine Steffans is now saying that her tales of passions were fabricated.

For the past six years, I’ve been playing a part, putting on for the crowd, and sparking controversy to market books. And boy did it work! And then –– I got bored. I would put on my make-up and my clothes and practice my words in the mirror at home. I would plant things about myself in the media, air all my grievances, and make everyone talk and talk and talk, then sit back and laugh as I watched the crowd spin and the books sell. Continue reading

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Lil Wayne pushesTha Carter IV to be released August 29…

YMCMB recording artist Lil Wayne highly anticipated LP Tha Carter IV has been pushed back to August 29, according to reports. So Far, Weezy released three single from the album, “6 Foot 7″ Ft. Cory Gunz, “John” Ft. Rick Ross and “How To Love.” As of press, no word on why the album was pushed back. Don Bleek of HHWreached out to Lil Wayne’s publicist Kia Selby, but she wasn’t available for comments, as of posting. Story developing…