Send Letter To Your Local Legislator to end the Federal War on Marijuana now

The Beckley Foundation’s Global Initiative for Drug Policy Reform is driving forward alternative approaches to drug control in order to create more humane, evidence-based, policies.

The Global Initiative for Drug Policy Reform is a joint initiative with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform.  The Meeting at the House of Lords on 17/18 November will launch the first ever Cost/Benefit Analyses of a Regulated and Taxed Cannabis Market, the new Draft UN Convention and other evidence to support the need for change. The Meeting will also enable theGlobal Commission on Drug Policy, to present their recent findings.

For this major new Initiative the Beckley Foundation commissioned a new draft UN convention on all drugs that would allow signatory countries more freedom in deciding their own drug policy.  Together with the All-Party Parliamentary Group the Foundation has commissioned the Cost/Benefit Analyses of both a regulated cannabis market and government regulated heroin supply to addicts.

Whilst many people agree that the War on Drugs has failed, the Beckley Foundation’s Global Initiative is unique in providing a concrete opportunity to examine ways forward.

Tell your legislators to cosponsor Rep. Frank’s bill to end federal marijuana prohibition today!

Right now a bill is sitting in Congress that could end federal marijuana prohibition and protect the ability of states to make their own marijuana laws without federal interference. Urge your legislators to end the federal war on marijuana!